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The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System

How it works with your operations.

How the system works. Because units are self-contained and suspended from the ceiling, they don't interfere with daily activities. All units are wired into a watertight NEMA 4 box UL 508 certified “Smart Timer” control panel which automatically activates & shuts down upon every call. Once activated the system runs for a preset time, generally 12–15 minutes, removing harmful gases and particulates automatically without interfering with daily operations. The AIRVAC 911® System addresses the complete apparatus bay areas 24/7.

Installing the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal system. Installation is simple and can be performed by an AIRVAC 911® technician or a local electrician. Units are ceiling hung via chain or threaded rod. We do not require any structural changes to your station (e.g. holes in the wall or additional ceiling supports). Units are mounted in between bays, thus eliminating any interference with vehicle movement. Power is then supplied to each unit's location (110/220 Volt), with a switch leg running back to our “Smart Timer.” All you have to do is make the Low Voltage connections for the activation devices and you’re ready to go. It's that easy.

Our patented “Smart Timer.” Each system is sold with a pre-wired custom UL certified “Smart Timer” control panel that is timed to operate the system and its activation devices. A standard activation package consists of door switches and photo eyes (trigger the system upon vehicle movement). Once the system is triggered by any one of the installed field devices it will run for a complete cycle and shut itself down automatically. This sequence will be repeated when a vehicle returns from a call. There are a number of options for controls, including zoning-where units in different bays can operate off one control; sequential activation, where units activate in pairs, decreasing amp load; and a variety of additional switching devices.

The AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal System:
IS AFFORDABLE—Much less than the initial cost of a hose or canister system.

IS FULLY AUTOMATIC—Activates on every call. Eliminates any chance of human error.

REMOVES BACKWASH—A large degree of exhaust “backwash” enters the apparatus area
     as vehicles leave and return from the building.

HAS FLEXIBLITY—It allows you to move vehicles from bay to bay, WITHOUT any costly retrofits.

“One of the biggest benefits
is that the AIRVAC 911® Engine Exhaust Removal
system addresses the blast
of exhaust received when
the apparatus leaves the
apron, or ‘backwash.’ Hose
systems disconnect as the
unit leaves the bay and do not
capture the ‘second’ dump of fumes. Our white walls are
clear, which tells me my folks
are working in a safer
–Fire Chief
Ripon Fire District
Ripon, CA
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